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GPU Gems 3

41 Articles, Edited by Hubert Nguyen.

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Generating Complex Procedural Terrains Using the GPU

Ryan Geiss (NVIDIA Corporation)
GPU Gems 3

Animated Crowd Rendering

Bryan Dudash (NVIDIA Corporation)
GPU Gems 3

DirectX 10 Blend Shapes: Breaking the Limits

Tristan Lorach (NVIDIA Corporation)
GPU Gems 3

Next-Generation SpeedTree Rendering

Alexander Kharlamov, Iain Cantlay, Yury Stepanenko (NVIDIA Corporation)
GPU Gems 3

Generic Adaptive Mesh Refinement

Tamy Boubekeur, Christophe Schlick (University of Bordeaux)
GPU Gems 3

GPU-Generated Procedural Wind Animations for Trees

Renaldas Zioma (Electronic Arts/Digital Illusions CE)
GPU Gems 3

Point-Based Visualization of Metaballs on a GPU

Kees van Kooten, Gino van den Bergen (Playlogic Game Factory), Alex Telea (Eindhoven University of Technology)
GPU Gems 3

Lights and Shadows

Summed-Area Variance Shadow Maps

Andrew Lauritzen (University of Waterloo)
GPU Gems 3

Interactive Cinematic Relighting with Global Illumination

Fabio Pellacini (Dartmouth College), Milos Hasan, Kavita Bala (Cornell University)
GPU Gems 3

Parallel-Split Shadow Maps on Programmable GPUs

Fan Zhang, Hanqiu Sun (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Oskari Nyman (Helsinki University of Technology)
GPU Gems 3

Efficient and Robust Shadow Volumes Using Hierarchical Occlusion Culling and Geometry Shaders

Martin Stich (Mental Images), Carsten Wächter, Alexander Keller (Ulm University)
GPU Gems 3

High-Quality Ambient Occlusion

Jared Hoberock, Yuntao Jia (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
GPU Gems 3

Volumetric Light Scattering as a Post-Process

Kenny Mitchell (Electronic Arts)
GPU Gems 3


Advanced Techniques for Realistic Real-Time Skin Rendering

Eugene d'Eon, David Luebke (NVIDIA Corporation)
GPU Gems 3

Playable Universal Capture

George Borshukov, Jefferson Montgomery, John Hable (Electronic Arts)
GPU Gems 3

Vegetation Procedural Animation and Shading in Crysis

Tiago Sousa (Crytek)
GPU Gems 3

Robust Multiple Specular Reflections and Refractions

Tamás Umenhoffer, BLászló Szirmay-Kalos (Budapest University of Technology and Economics), Gustavo Patow (University of Girona)
GPU Gems 3

Relaxed Cone Stepping for Relief Mapping

Fabio Policarpo (Perpetual Entertainment), Manuel M. Oliveira (Instituto de Informática-UFRGS)
GPU Gems 3

Deferred Shading in Tabula Rasa

Rusty Koonce (NCsoft Corporation)
GPU Gems 3

GPU-Based Importance Sampling

Mark Colbert (University of Central Florida), Jaroslav KrĦivánek (Czech Technical University in Prague)
GPU Gems 3

Image Effects

True Impostors

Eric Risser (University of Central Florida)
GPU Gems 3

Baking Normal Maps on the GPU

Diogo Teixeira (Move Interactive)
GPU Gems 3

High-Speed, Off-Screen Particles

Iain Cantlay (NVIDIA Corporation)
GPU Gems 3

The Importance of Being Linear

Larry Gritz, Eugene d'Eon (NVIDIA Corporation)
GPU Gems 3

Rendering Vector Art on the GPU

Charles Loop, Jim Blinn (Microsoft Research)
GPU Gems 3

Object Detection by Color: Using the GPU for Real-Time Video Image Processing

Ralph Brunner, Frank Doepke, Bunny Laden (Apple)
GPU Gems 3

Motion Blur as a Post-Processing Effect

Gilberto Rosado (Rainbow Studios)
GPU Gems 3

Practical Post-Process Depth of Field

Earl Hammon, Jr. (Infinity Ward)
GPU Gems 3

Physics Simulation

Real-Time Rigid Body Simulation on GPUs

Takahiro Harada (University of Tokyo)
GPU Gems 3

Real-Time Simulation and Rendering of 3D Fluids

Keenan Crane (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Ignacio Llamas, Sarah Tariq (NVIDIA Corporation)
GPU Gems 3

Fast N-Body Simulation with CUDA

Lars Nyland, Mark Harris (NVIDIA Corporation), Jan Prins (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
GPU Gems 3

Broad-Phase Collision Detection with CUDA

Scott Le Grand (NVIDIA Corporation)
GPU Gems 3

LCP Algorithms for Collision Detection Using CUDA

Peter Kipfer (Havok)
GPU Gems 3

Signed Distance Fields Using Single-Pass GPU Scan Conversion of Tetrahedra

Kenny Erleben (University of Copenhagen), Henrik Dohlmann (3Dfacto R&D)
GPU Gems 3

GPU Computing

Fast Virus Signature Matching on the GPU

Elizabeth Seamans (Juniper Networks), Thomas Alexander (Polytime)
GPU Gems 3

AES Encryption and Decryption on the GPU

Takeshi Yamanouchi,(SEGA Corporation)
GPU Gems 3

Efficient Random Number Generation and Application Using CUDA

Lee Howes, David Thomas (Imperial College London)
GPU Gems 3

Imaging Earth's Subsurface Using CUDA

Bernard Deschizeaux, Jean-Yves Blanc (CGGVeritas)
GPU Gems 3

Parallel Prefix Sum (Scan) with CUDA

Mark Harris (NVIDIA Corporation)
GPU Gems 3

Incremental Computation of the Gaussian

Ken Turkowski (Adobe Systems)
GPU Gems 3

Using the Geometry Shader for Compact and Variable-Length GPU Feedback

Franck Diard (NVIDIA Corporation)
GPU Gems 3

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