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Game Production: Testing and QA

Effective Quality Assurance-How to Manage Developers

Craig McDonald (Origin Systems)
Massively Multiplayer Game Development 2

Quality Assurance: Bug Tracking and Test Cases

Chris Campbell
Secrets of the Game Business, Second Edition

Automated Testing for Online Games

Larry Mellon (Electronic Arts)
Massively Multiplayer Game Development 2

Total Quality Control in Game Development

Chris Campbell
Game Design Perspectives

Using Focus Groups to Proof Design Ideas

Charlie Cleveland
Game Design Perspectives

Testing Undefined Behavior as a Result of Learning

Jonty Barnes (Lionhead Studios), Jason Hutchens (Amristar)
AI Game Programming Wisdom
Abstract: We consider learning to be the essence of Artificial Intelligence. Non-player characters, when granted the ability to learn, are given the potential to surprise and entertain the player in completely unexpected ways. This is very reinforcing from the player's point of view, but a nightmare for a testing department. How can they assure the quality of a game that may behave completely differently depending on the who's playing it? In this article we show, via a case study of the computer game "Black & White", exactly how a testing department can achieve their goals when the product they're testing features unpredictable learning AI.

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