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Game Programming Math: Geometry

CSG Construction Using BSP Trees

Octavian Marius Chincisan
Game Programming Gems 5

Using Geometric Algebra for Computer Graphics

Chris Lomont
Game Programming Gems 5

Automatic Parameterizations on the Cube

Ignacio Castaņo (University of Seville)
Graphics Programming Methods

k-D Tree Face Portals with Solid Geometry

Conor Stokes
Graphics Programming Methods

Using Vector Fractions for Exact Geometry

Thomas Young (PathEngine)
Game Programming Gems 3

T-Junction Elimination and Retriangulation

Eric Lengyel (Terathon Software)
Game Programming Gems 3
Abstract: This article describes how to detect possible sources of these seams in complex 3D scenes and how to modify static geometry so that visible artifacts are avoided. Since T-junction elimination adds verticies to existing polygons (that are not necessarily convex), we also discuss a method for triangulating arbitrary concave polygons.

Computing the Distance into a Sector

Steven Ranck (Midway Home Entertainment)
Game Programming Gems
Abstract: This article describes a simple and fast algorithm for determining where a point is between the edges of a 2D quad (or sector). The result is a unit floating point number, where 0 indicates that the point lies on the leading edge, and where 1 indicates that the point lies on the opposite edge. The sector may be any four-sided, 2D convex shape.

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