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General Game Programming: Player Input

Fast and Accurate Gesture Recognition for Character Control

Markus Wöß (Foolscap Vienna)
AI Game Programming Wisdom 3
Abstract: This article describes a simple, yet fast and accurate, way of gesture recognition that we have used in Punch'n'Crunch, a gesture-based fun-boxing game. The presented system is a very interesting way to control characters, but can also be used to recognize letters, numbers, and other arbitrary symbols. Gestures allow a more natural way for triggering a multitude of different commands.

Computer Vision in Games Using the OpenCV Library

Arnau Ramisa (Institut d’Investigació en Intelligència Artificial), Enric Vergara (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), Enric Martí (Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona)
Game Programming Gems 6

Game Input Recording and Playback

Bruce Dawson (Humongous Entertainment)
Game Programming Gems 2

Using Web Cameras in Video Games

Nathan d'Obrenan (Firetoad Software)
Game Programming Gems 2

Classic Super Mario 64 Third-Person Control and Animation

Steve Rabin (Nintendo of America)
Game Programming Gems 2
Abstract: This article will deal with the basic issues of controlling and animating a character from a third-person perspective. While it seems straightforward enough (just copy Super Mario 64), it's not as trivial as it first appears. There are many small nuggets of wisdom that can often take weeks of trial and error to discover.

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