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Graphics Programming: GPU Computation

Volumetric transparency with Per-Pixel Fragment Lists

Laszlo Szecsi, Pal Barta and Balazs Kovacs
GPU Pro 3

Practical Binary Surface and Solid Voxelization with Direct3D 11

Michael Schwarz
GPU Pro 3

Interactive Ray Tracing Using the Compute Shader in DirectX 11

Arturo Garca, Francisco Avila, Sergio Murgua and Leo Reyes
GPU Pro 3

Procedural Content Generation on GPU

Aleksander Netzel and Pawel Rohleder
GPU Pro 2

2D Distance Field Generation with the GPU

Philip Rideout
GPU Pro 2

Order-Independent Transparency Using Per-Pixel Linked Lists in DirectX 11

Nicolas Thibieroz
GPU Pro 2

Simple and Fast Fluid Flow Simulation on the GPU

Martin Guay, Fabrice Colin and Richard Egli
GPU Pro 2

A Fast Poisson Solver for OpenCL using Multigrid Methods

Sebastien Noury, Samuel Boivin and Olivier Le Maître
GPU Pro 2

Baking Normal Maps on the GPU

Diogo Teixeira (Move Interactive)
GPU Gems 3

Rendering Vector Art on the GPU

Charles Loop, Jim Blinn (Microsoft Research)
GPU Gems 3

Object Detection by Color: Using the GPU for Real-Time Video Image Processing

Ralph Brunner, Frank Doepke, Bunny Laden (Apple)
GPU Gems 3

Real-Time Rigid Body Simulation on GPUs

Takahiro Harada (University of Tokyo)
GPU Gems 3

Fast Virus Signature Matching on the GPU

Elizabeth Seamans (Juniper Networks), Thomas Alexander (Polytime)
GPU Gems 3

AES Encryption and Decryption on the GPU

Takeshi Yamanouchi,(SEGA Corporation)
GPU Gems 3

Efficient Random Number Generation and Application Using CUDA

Lee Howes, David Thomas (Imperial College London)
GPU Gems 3

Imaging Earth's Subsurface Using CUDA

Bernard Deschizeaux, Jean-Yves Blanc (CGGVeritas)
GPU Gems 3

Parallel Prefix Sum (Scan) with CUDA

Mark Harris (NVIDIA Corporation)
GPU Gems 3

Incremental Computation of the Gaussian

Ken Turkowski (Adobe Systems)
GPU Gems 3

Using the Geometry Shader for Compact and Variable-Length GPU Feedback

Franck Diard (NVIDIA Corporation)
GPU Gems 3

Animating Vegetation Using GPU Programs

Ali Botorabi

GPU Terrain Rendering

Harald Vistnes
Game Programming Gems 6

Interactive Fluid Dynamics and Rendering on the GPU

Frank Luna
Game Programming Gems 6

Practical Cloth Simulation on Modern GPUs

Cyril Zeller

Shader Implementation of Discrete Wavelet Transform

Tien-Tsin Wong and Chi-Sing Leung

Real-Time Character Animation on the GPU

Michael Nischt and Elisabeth André

Hardware-Based Ambient Occlusion

Dustin Franklin

Real-Time Caustics by GPU

Masahiko Nitanda

Implementing Ray Tracing on the GPU

Martin Christen

GPU-Powered Pathfinding Using Preprocessed Navigation Mesh Approach

Renaldas Zioma

GPU Computation in Projective Space Using Homogeneous Coordinates

Vaclav Skala (University of West Bohemia)
Game Programming Gems 6

Preprocessed Pathfinding Using the GPU

Renaldas Zioma (Digital Illusions Canada Inc.)
AI Game Programming Wisdom 3
Abstract: This article proposes GPU-based implementations for two popular algorithms used to solve the all-pairs shortest paths problem: Dijkstra's algorithm, and the Floyd-Warshall algorithm. These algorithms are used to preprocess navigation mesh data for fast pathfinding. This approach can offload pathfinding-related CPU computations to the GPU at the expense of latency. However, once the solution table is generated, this approach minimizes the latency time for a specific path search, thus giving the game a better sense of interactivity. The biggest benefit of this approach is gained in systems with multiple agents simultaneously requesting paths in the same search space. Although the article describes a GPU-specific implementation for a navigation mesh, any other multi-processor environment or discrete search space representation can be used.

Streaming Architectures and Technology Trends

John Owens (University of California, Davis)
GPU Gems 2

The GeForce 6 Series GPU Architecture

Emmett Kilgariff and Randima Fernando (NVIDIA Corporation)
GPU Gems 2

Mapping Computational Concepts to GPUs

Mark Harris (NVIDIA Corporation)
GPU Gems 2

GPU Computation Strategies and Tips

Ian Buck (Stanford University)
GPU Gems 2

Implementing Efficient Parallel Data Structures on GPUs

Aaron Lefohn (University of California, Davis), Joe Kniss (University of Utah), John Owens (University of California, Davis)
GPU Gems 2

GPU Flow Control Idioms

Mark Harris (NVIDIA Corporation) and Ian Buck (Stanford University)
GPU Gems 2

GPU Program Optimization

Cliff Woolley (University of Virginia)
GPU Gems 2

Stream Reduction Operations for GPGPU Applications

Daniel Horn (Stanford University)
GPU Gems 2

Computer Vision on the GPU

James Fung (University of Toronto)
GPU Gems 2

GPU Computing for Protein Structure Prediction

Paulius Micikevicius (Armstrong Atlantic State University)
GPU Gems 2

A GPU Framework for Solving Systems of Linear Equations

Jens Krüger and Rüdiger Westermann (Technische Universität München)
GPU Gems 2

Options Pricing on the GPU

Craig Kolb and Matt Pharr (NVIDIA Corporation)
GPU Gems 2

Improved GPU Sorting

Peter Kipfer and Rüdiger Westermann (Technische Universität München)
GPU Gems 2

GPGPU: General-Purpose Computation on GPUs

Mark Harris (NVIDIA)
PDF available, NVIDIA GDC Presentations

A Toolkit for Computation on GPUs

Ian Buck and Tim Purcell (Stanford University)
GPU Gems

Fast Fluid Dynamics Simulation on the GPU

Mark Harris (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
GPU Gems

Artificial Neural Networks on Programmable Hardware

Thomas Rolfes
Game Programming Gems 4

Accessing and Modifying Topology on the GPU

Dean Calver

Massively Parallel Particle Systems on the GPU

Lutz Latta

Tactical Path-Finding Using Stochastic Maps on the GPU

Khanh Phong Ly

GPGPU: Beyond Graphics

Mark Harris (NVIDIA)
PDF available, NVIDIA GDC Presentations

3D Planets on the GPU

Jesse Laeuchli

Linear Algebra on the GPU

Adam Moravansky

Real-Time Simulation and Rendering of Particle Flows

Daniel Weiskopf and Matthias Hopf

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